A happier, less stressful and more productive work life

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26 мая 19:30

A happier, less stressful and more productive work life. Master class Ximena Fuentes.

Ximena Fuentes — breathwork instructor.

How do we breathe when we are stressed? When we are about to givea presentation, when we are assigned to solve a problem that we feelis exceeding our capabilities, when we have an interview, when we areabout to lose a business or when we have lost it, when it bothers usthe way someone talks to us at work? When do we want to ask for avacation or an extra leisure? And how do we breathe when everythingworks quietly, when we have already obtained convince the client orboss? When we are working with the company; but with which wemake good team? How do we breathe when we are on vacation atthe beach?

This workshop / talk is designed for businessmen, businesswomen,workaholics and also for people that feel overwhelmed in theirworkplaces, to learn practices on how increase your own wellbeingand energy, manage your emotions and build more productive habits.

It’s a workshop to learn how to manage our mood and energy in thecorporative atmosphere, with the simple and strong power of thebreathing.

јHow to improve our sense of wellbeing, satisfaction and productivityin our work life and how to feel happier while sharing our energy inthe place we spend most time of our lives? Is all about the way webreath.

You will ultimately be taught how to successfully incorporate aspecific wellness activities into your life and work -scientificallyproved- to influence our mood, and on helping us to go throughoverwhelming emotions in situations like giving importantpresentations, present new ideas, not feeling energy to start orcomplete tasks, dealing with different opinions or decitions at work,and that also will help on getting more creative and productive whilefeeling satisfied, appreciated, commited, connected as a team andinspired in the work life.

Мастер-класс будет проходить на английском языке

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